The Mighty Silkie

As I strolled through Chinatown earlier, I picked up a Silkie.  I guess I was feeling a little homesick, and was thinking about my childhood memories in Thailand.  I did think about my grandmother, and her asian chicken soup laced with cognac and chinese herbs.  The Silkie is a breed of chicken known for it’s silky white plumage – what lies beneath however is what is fascinating to me.

This breed of chicken as an unusual characteristic – namely it’s dark blue/black flesh, skin, and bones.  As if this wasn’t odd enough, it has five toes on each foot (common chickens have four).  The black meat is often considered unsavory in European and Western cuisine – however they are popular in Asia.

I personally think the black meat is a perfect change to the bland white meat we so often eat.  The chicken itself is much leaner, more “athletic” looking and the meat is said to have a higher content of minerals, and less fat.  The taste is similar to plain white chicken – but there is a distinct flavor profile that I can’t quite explain.  In terms of cost, a whole silkie is $9.99 versus my $21 organically raised Smart Chicken.  Try it sometime, you won’t be disappointed!


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